Tourist Places in Sasan Gir :

Sasan Gir is a famous wildlife destination known for housing an array of national park and wildlife sanctuary. The region is home to some of the most endangered species of flora and fauna and is especially known for preserving the Asiatic Lions (Panthera leo persica). The region around Sasan gir is famed for being in close proximity to major tourist attractions of Gujarat.

Attractions :

Sasan-Gir National Park :

The Sasan-Gir National Park is a famous wildlife attraction in Sasan-Gir that was founded in the year 1965 and is sprawled across a total area of 1412 km2. The national park houses a wide range of flora and fauna and is particularly noted for housing a wide range of Asiatic lions.

Mahabat Maqbara :

It is a grand mausoleum that was erected in the 1892 using Indo-Islamic architectural style in honor of Nawab. Counted amongst the best structures, the mausoleum comprises silvery doors & minarets and is confided on all sides by spiralling stairways.

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Kamleshwar Dam :

Situated within the Sasan-Gir National Park, the Kamleshwar Dam was built over the Hiran River within the Gir Sanctuary. The reservoir made by the dam is known for housing a great population of bird and crocodile.

Girnar Mountain

Snuggled at an elevation of 1100 m, the Girnar Mountain can be reached after climbing 8,500 steps is snuggled at an elevation of 1100 m and houses the famous Jain Temples atop that were built in between 1128 and 1500. It is also believed Neminath- the 22nd Jain Tirthankara lived here for a total of 700 years.

Durbar Hall Museum

book now Located in close proximity with the Diwan Chowk in the old Palace, the Durbar Hall Museum showcases some of the rarest items of the former Nawabs of the state. Some of the items on display here are thrones, weapons, silver articles, chandeliers, armor, howdahs, paintings, costumes, tapestries, palanquins etc.

Uperkot Fort

The Fort was built in 319 BC under the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. It also was besieged 16 times and was rediscovered from the wilderness after being left abandoned from 7th to 10th century.

Nalsarovar Lake

It is one of the three reservoirs that snuggled beside the Sasan-Gir region. It is the nesting grounds for various water birds & migratory. Some of the commonly species found here are back-headed cuckoo, pied woodpecker and eagles etc. The lake also has a small Lord Krishna temple located nearby.

How to Reach

By Air : The closest domestic airport is at Keshod (90 km away).
By Train : The closest railway station is in Veraval.
By Road : Sasan Gir is well connected to various nearby regions of the state.