Tourist Places in Wankaner :

The city of Wankaner is snuggled in Rajkot district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The region got its name from the location at a “Wanka” meaning bend and “Ner” a river. Wankaner used to be a princely state that was ruled by the Jhala Rajputs and is thus also called Jhalawar. The royal family of Wankaner was highly known for their patronage of art and architecture.

It is said believed that the city was founded by three friends namely Shahbava, Vanmalibava and Nagabava- the Rajyguru of state. Every year on Shravan vad 9, 10, a grand public fair is held here that attracts an array of locals and tourists.

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Attractions :

Ranjit Vilas Palace :

The Ranjit Vilas Palace is an architectural wonder inspired from the style of architecture of the Mughal, Gothic, Dutch and Victorian style of architecture. The beautiful palace with a watchtower situated atop a hill. Overlooking the Wankaner Town, the palace is sprawled across a total area of 225 acres. The palace also houses a guest-house called Chandra Bhavan. The palace showcases an array of antique weapons such as swords, daggers and shields as well as stuffed animals, vintage cars, paintings and so on.

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Wankaner Palace :

The Wankaner Palace is a beauteous and historical palace that was erected in the 20th century under the reign of H.H. Amarsinhji, the Maharaja of Wankaner. The palace is adorned with decorative doors, antique chairs, mirrors and windows.

Hajrat Shah bava Dargah Sharif :

Shah bava Dargah is made in honor of Shahbava one among the three founders of the region. It is one of the highly revered religious attractions in Wankaner among Muslim and Hindus.

Nagabava Temple :

The Nagabava Temple was erected in memory of Nagabava, one of the founders of the city that was established 500 years ago. The temple is visited by large number of devotees who wish to offer their prayers to Nagabava.

Machhu Dam :

Machhu Dam is a large notable structure built by the Wankaner Royal State to offer water supply to the entire region.

Mitticool :

Mitticool showcases various clay products like water filter, cooker, refrigerator and so on. The entire claywork is done by a potter named Mansukh Prajapati who had been applauded on various national and International level magazines/news papers/TV channels like Times of India, Wall Street Journal, Economics Times, etc. Mitticool was also showcased in a seminar organized by the Centre for India & Global Business, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge in UK in 2009.

Royal Oasis :

Royal Oasis is a magnificent palace inspired from European style of architecture that used to be the former summer palace of the Royal Family. The place of retreat now stands as a Heritage Hotel with all the finest amenities and world-class accommodation for travelers in Gujarat.

Swaminarayan Temple :

It is a famous attraction built by the BAPS Sansthan in honor of Lord Swaminarayan. The temple is highly visited by numerous devotees and pilgrims.

Joravar Pir Dargah :

It is a famous religious attraction located near New Mamlatdar Office, which is highly visited by Muslims in the entire city.

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How to Reach :

By Air : The nearest domestic airport is at Rajkot.
By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Rajkot, which is well-connected to various towns and cities like Delhi, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Cochin, Kolkata, Patna, Bhopal and Amritsar.
By Road : Rajkot is actively connected to all the major towns and cities of the state via various privately owned and state run bus service network.